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109th Cantonese Fair 2011-4-5
Welcome to the 107nd Canton Fair 2010-3-30
Welcome to the 104nd Canton Fair 2008-9-26
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Set up in March, Zhejiang Shuanghuan Plastic Valve Enterprise, Ltd. Is a Sino-American cooperative enterprise which derived from Huangyan Xingda Mould Factory (set up in 1992) . It has USD2,500,000 enrollment financing , and annual production value is over RMB200 million.


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Butterfly valve (worm gear type), Butterfly valve (handle lever type), Single union ball valve, Double union ball valve, Compact ball valve, Combined ball valve, Pom low valve, Stop valve, Foot valve, Single union spring check valve, Spring check valve, Span coupling, Compression coupling, Union, Ts flange, Van stone flange, Manual pressure valve, Female adapter (with copper), Elbow by 90º (with copper), Ts 90º deg elbow (with copper), Reducing tee 90º (with copper), Fou way cross, Elbow by 45º, Tee by 90º, Elbow by 90º, Reducing bushing, Male adapter, Male coupler, Cap, Female adapter, Coupling, Four way cross, Female tee by 90º, Reducing tee by 90º, Female elbow by 90º, Female cap, Reducing tee by 90º (with copper), Pipe clip, Long reducing bushing, Coupling tee by 90º, P-trap elbow, DWV check tee, DWV cap, Reducing bushing, DWV coupling, DWV cross y tee, DWV cross tee, DWV reducing cross tee, DWV reducing Y-tee, Dwv reducing tee, DWV tee, Dwv 90º tee (II), Dwv 45º elbow (I), DWV 90º elbow (II), Fitting for stool connector, PVC floor trap, Reducing bushing, Vent cap, PVC saddle, Tap, Faucet, In-wall Faucet, Abs sink tap, Shower, Water tap, Shower, Drainage (I), P trap, Trap, Tail piece, Trap with union, Trap with union, Tee, PP elbow (I), Pipe (I)
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